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Our business has been a GA Power customer for 20 years. Have paid every bill.

We do not have a full time accountant and do check runs twice a month. When the bill arrives, we have about 2 weeks until the due date and as a result, some of the checks arrive a few days late. Today they assessed a deposit of $850 and would not waive it, even if we granted them auto-draft.

This is totally strong-arm tactics and if we gave them authority to auto-draft, they would not need the deposit so it makes me think they want the money to play with. They have a MONOPOLY.

Now having our corporate counsel look into the matter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Georgia Power Customer Care.

Reason of review: unnecessary deposit demand.

Preferred solution: waive the deposit on a 20 year customer who has never been late more than 2 or 3 days.

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So let me get this straight, you know there's a flaw in your process that instead of fixing you decide to keep rolling because you've been with them for years.Get real... This is totally on you.

Your process stinks.

Set a reminder to look for the power bill and pay it on time.With regards to due dates, close only counts with horse shoes and grenades. If you MISS the date, you reap the rewards.Fix your process...

to Anonymous #1569546

You must work or have family that works for Georgia Power (aka The Monopoly).

to Unknown 2 U #1572860

Typical loser's lament. You must work for (insert company) if someone sees through straight BS and calls it out.

On the upside, you didn't wish ill upon the poster by saying "I hope this never happens to you" "your life must be so perfect" "or everyone isn't born with a silver spoon in their mouth." More typical loser talk.... Great job on showing the world what not to do if you're REAL BUSINESS owner and or ADULT.

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