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Most difficult company to do business with. We moved here 15 months ago & wasn't charged a deposit when we connected service. After 7 months, we paid a bill late because, honestly, I think I forgot until about 2 days after the due date. I expected a late fee, but I was charged a $30 late fee AND $150 deposit. Ok, fine. I just figured it was the deposit that was waived when we moved here. A few months later, we were struggling. I called to see if I could get an extension for a week until pay day (we're a 1 income military family), and was told "no." So we had to pay that bill late & got slapped with another $150 "deposit." Then summer came & our bills have almost TRIPPLED. So we've been trying to catch up & keep

up as best we can. Last month, our bill was almost $800. I called & for some reason they let me make a payment arrangement for the 29th, pay day. Well, they drafted our payment on the 28th for $775. The day before pay day & before the arrangement. So,, it didn't clear. I got a letter on Oct 3, Monday, that we'd been slapped with another $150 "deposit," but as long as we paid $390 by Oct 5 (Wednesday), then they wouldn't disconnect service. So I logged on. Clicked the one time payment option, and it offered me 2 choices... pay $739.02 that was past due, to pay almost $1200 when about $600 wasn't due til the 11th. I paid the past due with my debit card, got a confirmation & thought all was well since I'd paid the past due & more than the $390 the letter AND the website's big red box said I had to pay to prevent disconnection of service. Well, it's Thursday Oct 6th. I get home from taking my 3 year old to preschool & my power is off. I log in on my phone, racking up data charges, and the website still says I have to pay $390 to prevent SO disconnection of service. It also says I can't pay online. I called. The rep was rude & condescending. I think they train them to be mean. She says because I paid $739 & not $775, they disconnected my service. I told her the website didn't give me that option. She doesn't care. I must be ***, apparently. In order to restore my service, I have to pay another $425 today... and a $50 reconnect fee. Well, I have 3 small children & live with a chronic illness, so I get transferred to some robotic system & paid $475. I've now paid them over $1200 this week & now I have no grocery funds until we get paid next week. I call back to get an ETA on restoration & I'm told I'm not a priority since I chose not to pay on time & that it will be turned on sometime today. And then this girl was just flat out mean to me. I hung up in tears.

They purposely set up this system to rob military families. They KNOW military families don't get paid til the 15th of every month. They know most military families live paycheck to paycheck and most are one income families. So what do they do? They set the due dates in military areas for the 11th of every month, so if you pay on the 15th, or God forbid, the 16th, then they can slap

You with $150 "deposit" every other month & act like they're doing you a favor by not disconnecting. It's not like we're intentionally not paying our bill. We're just trying to make ends meet & keep our kids fed. I can't wait to leave the GA Power mandated area whenever the Army decides to move us. We absolutely love where we live, but dealing with GA Power is harder than sending my husband to war, which I've done 6 times.

Shameful & shady business practices for a company with a monopoly. And I won't buy that it's not intentional to rob military families. I've never felt so cheated, helpless, and looked down upon as when I try to talk to their representatives.

My account still says I have to pay $390 to avoid disconnection. Even though the total balance due on my account, 4 days before pay day, is less than that amount.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problems with payment of a product or service. Georgia Power needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Please email me at In the subject, please put, Subj: Georgia Power Complaint.

In the body of the email, please state your complaint with Georgia Power even if you need to copy and past what you wrote hear that is fine.

Please forward this to as many people as you can and let me know everywhere you posted your complaint against Georgia Power. Thank you and have a great day.

Denver, Colorado, United States #1223762

Drama 101 is down the hall. You yourself admit you got the ball rolling by "forgetting" to pay your bill.

ANY family who don't pay their bills will get disconnected.

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