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Georgia Power Residential Electricity Supply Review from Savannah, Georgia 2 of 2 people found it helpful
Georgia Power is only for themselves. I purchased my home back in 2005. They turned the lights on no problem. Now here they come with a issues stating that my meter can needs to be replace. Ok fine. Would you believe that this sorry company tells me that my meter needs to be moved. He scratched up my sidling on my home as a place to put it without my permission. Now I call someone to come look at replacing the meter can( working together ). Now...
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This is always a big issue ever since I moved here in 2008 at least 3 times for the year this occurs I have lost a water heater, T.V, and a deep freezer already because of Georgia power with this non sense some of my sockets on the first floor still is not working because of the outages this is a fed up customer and Georgia power need to credit everyone bill in this subdivision because it's hot and we can't cook or do nothing because everything...
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My name is Candace Rhoades and I am on prepaid power with Georgia power and this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever had to go through in my life with power just so I can keep my children cool I'm *** near paying $30 every two days I paid off my deferred balance which was in the 900 it's down to zero balance now I asked for regular power back and they said I have to pay double the amount $520 just to get my regular power back I paid that...
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I just got a letter from Georgia Power with a request for another deposit of $150.00. My average bill in the summer of 2015 was $56.00. In August, I experienced a financial diffculty and a large plumbing bill. Subsequently, I was assessed a deposit of $150 to be added to my bill. With an all electric house, drafty windows, and my thermostat on 68 degrees, I tried to make it through the winter months with an arrangement to pay the deposit in...
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